Express Barbie Facial


This is the perfect lunch time facial to give you that express barbie glow. We customized this facial to benefit your skin type and conditions. This is perfect for anyone looking to achieve a smooth hydration complexion in 30 minutes. 


Barbie Glow Facial


Who doesn't love Barbie Skin right? This facial includes Medical Grade Light Therapy, Ultrasonic Extraction and Our Signature Pink Trust Mask. This facial is ideal for all skin types and anyone looking to achieve a instant glow. 


Hangover Facial


Infused with Oxygen & Caffeine Serum this facial is the Ultimate Skin Hangover Cure. We bring your skin back to life by restoring the hydration with the right active ingredients according to your skin type and finish it off with our Signature 24K Gold Mask. 


RF Skin Tightening Facial


This facial is perfect for anyone looking to tighten their facial tissue to give a over all more youthful appearance. Radiofrequency uses low energy radiation to heat the deep layers of your skin. This facial uses heat to stimulate the production of collagen and help improve signs of aging, wrinkles and sagging skin. Although most recommended for Aging Skin  this facial is beneficial for All Skin Types.


Crystal Microdermabrasion


This facial is ideal for removing any surface level imperfections and scaring. Crystal Microdermabrasion mechanically removes cells from the skins surface, between 0.06mm and to 0.45mm of the skin’s surface in a single treatment.  This facial is a mechanical exfoliation that helps remove all dead skin cells and hypermentation, resulting in improved texture and skin complexion.


Acne Clarifying Facial


Are you struggling with break outs or oily skin, this facial is perfect for you. We incorporate Bluelight Therapy to target the P.acne bacteria sub-surface level, Ultrasonic Scrubber Extraction to remove all those unwanted comedones and black heads, High Frequency to kill acne Bacteria and a Clarifying Mask to help treat any open break outs.