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CELLRENEW® - Collagen Stem Cell Serum

Introducing the CELLRENEW Collagen Serum by CLEARSTEM, the ultimate solution for achieving radiant and youthful skin. This stem cell serum is formulated with key ingredients like saw palmetto, green tea, and reishi mushroom, which work together to balance oil production & regulate hormonal acne. All ingredients are known for their natural benefits in promoting healthier skin, making it perfect for all skin types.

CELLRENEW® - Collagen Stem Cell Serum

  • Hormonal support in several ways! Ingredients like Saw Palmetto, Green Tea, and Reishi Mushroom regulate oil production and hormonal acne, while Turmeric and B5 halt inflammation, allowing skin to re-balance and heal.

    CELLRENEW stem cell serum is excellent for all skin types, including dry, mature, sensitive, acne-prone, combination, and normal.

    At CLEARSTEM, we understand our clients needed a serum to fade scars and brown spots left behind after breakouts & and sun exposure. With its unique blend of collagen stem cells, targeted botanicals, and hyaluronic acid, this serum not only combats signs of aging but also acts as an effective anti-acne agent, providing a calming effect while being completely non-toxic.

    Our collagen serum is designed to work wonders for your complexion, regardless of the challenges your skinmay be facing. Whether it's wrinkles, fine lines, or acne scarring, our carefully formulated serum is packed with the perfect combination of ingredients to improve your skin's appearance.


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