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Trust Beauty Bar™ is proud to offer our new aesthetic training courses available only through Trust Academy ™.  

We provide exceptional training in popular aesthetician courses.


Below you will find our course catalog and more information regarding your desired course. 

Beauty Boss.png

Beauty Boss 6-Week Mentorship Program

Micro Needling.png

Training Course

Lymphatic Drainage.png

Lymphatic Massage +
Wood & Metal Sculpting Training Course

Professional Body Contour.png

Body Contour
Professional Level II
Training Course

Cellulite 2.0.png

Cellulite 2.0
Advanced Techniques
Training Course

Micro + Derma.png

Dermaplaning + Microneedling
Training Course


Training Course

Beginner Body Contour.png

Body Contour
Beginner Level I
Training Course

Expert Body Contour.png

Body Contour
Expert Level III
Training Course


Smile-Pro Toronto
Teeth Whitening
Training Course

Trust Academy Testimonials

Hear From Past Graduates

"Hello my name is Stella and I am the owner of Dymond Cure located in Vaughan, Ontario. I have recently token a course with Trust Academy and was absolutely amazed with how well put together and thorough the manual and training was. Adia is one of the best trainers I've had so far in my career. She was so informative and truly cares about the success of her students.


You learn everything that helps you provide the best service to your clients so they achieve the best results. You will learn how to properly conduct a consultation, how to use and incorporate wood therapy tools into your treatments as well as how to use cavitation, RF skin tightening and so much more! I would absolutely take another course with Trust Academy, there is always something new to learn in your career and Adia really helps you level up."

- Stella Bawuah, 2022 Body Contour Student

Dymond Cure CEO, Toronto Ontario

"Being new in the body contour industry had me feeling overwhelmed and and unsure of where to start, after completing 2 mentorship sessions with Adia I realized her approach to body contour was extremely different from what I had seen before, so I decided to travel across the country to improve my craft by taking her Advanced Body Contour & Theory Course. 


I am so glad I did! She is exceptionally hands on & thorough, her positive energy and welcoming atmosphere is unmatched. She goes the extra mile to make sure you understand the concept as well as provides additional support in whatever way she can. I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to train with her, and will definitely be back again."

- Quima Greene, 2022 Body Contour & Beauty Boss Mentorship Student 

Bodiology Aesthetic CEO, Calgary/Alberta

"I recently attended the advanced body contour training at trust beauty bar and was absolutely blown away. Adia has put together a course that is not only informative and easy to follow, but appropriate for current and future body contour specialists alike. 


I have attended many trainings over the years and this was by far the best experience that I have had. She covered everything from techniques and machinery to business planning, marketing and growth. 


Adia has created a space where woman can walk in with absolutely zero industry knowledge, and leave 2 days later as entrepreneurs ready to start their businesses. I look forward to attending any and all future trainings with Adia at Trust. This was one of the best investments I have made for my business - by far."

- Nicole Lofranco, 2022 Body Contour Student

Body By Lo CEO, Etobicoke/Ontario

"Adia, where do I begin? First, off I want to thank you for being YOU, let's start right there. The hard work and dedication you project on a day to day basis shows and I'm happy I made the decision to train at Trust Beauty Bar. You take pride in your work and that's imperative. It's beyond training for you, you make sure your students are beyond prepared and that is something I am extremely grateful for. Walking into this I was petrified, unsure if I would do well but you always gave me the push I needed. These flowers are just a token of my appreciation. Please continue to make a positive impact on the beauty industry, I'm rooting for you most definitely."

- NaTeila Stephens, 2022 Body Contour Student

Body By Her CEO, Niagara Falls/Ontario

"I took the body contouring course with Adia at Trust Beauty Bar and I have nothing but good things to say. The way she teaches, runs her business, and is a mentor is overall great. She pays attention to detail she talks clearly and makes sure everybody understands before moving on. She puts the work in and makes sure everybody grasps the concept and is enjoying their time while learning. From the professional business to the cleaniless and amazing business service trust beauty bar all around is an amazing place."

- Tianna Spidalieri,  2022 Body Contour Student

The Beauti Room CEO, Toronto/Ontario

"My experience with Trust beauty Academy was amazing ! The staff is super friendly and Adía is an excellent teacher ! . Not only was the training amazing but if you need her anytime or if you have any questions Adia is always there for you ! . I’m so happy I found Trust academy. I can’t wait to continue to learn and expand my business! Thank you for empowering women and continue to be a good example of what a true leader should be!."

- Sandra Delgadillo, 2022 Body Contour Student

D'vine Glam CEO, Innisfil/Ontario 

"I did a training with Aida for a fresher on body contouring. What actually got me interested on doing her course is the consistency she puts in her business and the amazing growth she has have. I loved learning the different techniques she does. That really helped improved the results in my clients. Even as a business owner and learning to view things differently and helping me approve my own business. She is always there with any questions I have and gives you constant support. I’m looking forward to one day opening my own space with the help of your boss babe course in the near future . I highly recommend Aida if your starting any business her knowledge is incredible."

- Samantha Silva 2022 Body Contour Student

Figureful CEO, Brampton/Ontario 

I attended the Body Contouring course offered by Trust Beauty Bar and had an amazing learning experience all throughout it. It was a one-on-one course and I would say that it was the most organized course I've taken so far. Adia is an exceptional teacher, very organized, knowledgeable and open to answering all questions.Adia's course is not only an informative course, it is also an intensive theory, practice and business course, covering everything from lymphatic massage technique and machinery, to business and marketing. After the 2 days of the course, I was left with a lot of new knowledge and confidence to add a new service to my business: Body contouring.It was a great investment for my business and I can’t wait to attend the Beauty Boss Mentorship program next.Thank you Adia!

- Tatiana Jurj, 2022 Body Contour Student

Esthetics Tatiana, Toronto/Ontario

I highly recommend the Trust Beauty Bar Academy courses, the wonderful teacher Adia, very attentive, answers all our questions, explains everything very well, with great professionalism. The Body contour course its worth it! Excellent content and the support she gives is amazing!


Thank you Adia❤️

- Gabriela Maia, 2022 Body Contour Student

GM Esthetician CEO, Toronto/Ontario

"I absolutely loved my course! Trust Academy totally lives up to its name.


Adia is an amazing teacher and I’m so happy to have been taught from the best. She is very detailed oriented, patient, kind, and goes above and beyond for her students.


Thank you Adia for all that you have done to help me succeed in my course and starting my business. "

- Cristina Lunardo, 2022 Body Contour Student

Body Logic CEO, Tottenham/Ontario

"Adding body contouring to my spa services was so easy with Trust the Beauty Bar and Adia.


Being from Saskatchewan, it was not possible for me to attend her course in class so she offered me the online version. It was very well structured with everything I needed to know, from theory to demos. Adia was also very helpful and answered questions very quickly after I sent them.

She also has a wide variety of machines to choose from at very fair prices. She made me very confident I would be getting my body contouring machine with no issues. This was what was most important to me since I’ve had issues in the past.

So far my clients have been loving my new services. I would recommend purchasing from Adia at Trust the Beauty Bar to anyone looking to add body contour to their service list!"

- Kayleen Gaudet, 2022 Body Contour Student

Good Day Esthetics, Saskatchewan/Alberta

"I took the Body Contouring course with Adia at Trust Beauty Bar . Adia was so welcoming , informative and caring . From day one I knew I was in the right place , Adia truly cares about her students and their success . She always took the time to teach in a way that I understood and felt confident in my abilities. She was quick to address any questions I may have had . Everything from start to end was hands on , even when I chose to purchase my machine from Adia , she not only walked me thru the entire process but then also took the time to help me set it up and go over every setting throughly.  I left trust academy feeling confident and ready to start my own business . Since then Adia has continued to offer support whenever I may have a question or need advice . If you’re considering taking this course I would highly recommend it ."

- Amanda Young  2022 Body Contour Student

Luxx Body CEO, Sutton/Ontario

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