What are spider veins and cappillaries?

Veins and capillaries are blood vessels common to all and most people have some visible signs close to the skin surface. They are a common occurrence, and most people have some visible signs. In some cases, they appear in proliferation and are considered unsightly; treatment of visible veins and capillaries (such as spider veins or telangiectasia) is a commonly sought cosmetic procedure. These vary in size, shape, and number, and may arise from a variety of natural sources such as aging, genetics, or from the environment such with sun-damaged skin.

How does it work?

Laser Vein Treatments work by targeting the hemoglobin within the target vessel. The energy precisely targets the vessels under the surface of the skin and ablates or shrinks the vessel so it is no longer visible. Because the laser is targets the vessel the surrounding tissue remains undamaged. The Clarity is Fast, Effective, and Safe FOR ALL SKIN TYPES.

Does it hurt?

Lutronic devices are designed to maximize your comfort during treatment.

When can I return back to my normal activities?

Immediately. There is no downtime with Spider Vein Reduction

Is it safe?

Laser Spider Vein Reduction is safe and effective. The only side effects associated with this treatment are sometimes; Temporary skin irritation, discomfort, redness and swelling in sensitive areas treated. This will subside within a few hours and can be alleviated with a cold compress to the treated area. At Trust we ensure to always use the proper protocols to protect our technicians and clients during their procedures along with providing them with after-care instructions to follow post treatment.