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Arnica + Healing Cream

Enhance the skin’s natural defense system against acne inflammation, bruises and swelling with this homeopathic formula containing active arnica montana extract and certified botanicals of mallow, grape seed and primrose.


Skin Type: All.

Arnica + Healing Cream

  • GlyMed Plus Arnica + Healing Cream is a high concentration of arnica oil and arnica extract designed specifically to promote faster healing from irritation, inflammation and bruising produced by clinical aesthetic procedures, cosmetic treatments, acne extractions and simple trauma to the skin. Arnica has a long tradition as a healing agent. This revolutionary formula contains a synergistic mix of anti-inflammatory botanical extracts including jojoba, mallow, peppermint, primrose, lady’s mantle, speedwell, balm leaf and yarrow. Shea butter has been added to promote and maintain better hydration levels, and oat beta glucan enhances immune activity to further protect delicate skin while it heals. With Arnica+ you will spend less time recovering from skin treatments and more time enjoying the positive results.

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